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Structural AF provides design for a house addition. We firmly believe that expanding the house is a great way to raise property value and increase the quality of life for you and your family. When adding on, we like to think of the property in a holistic way and provide unique design solutions well-integrated with the existing structure. The philosophy is to enhance the existing dwelling with the addition – a combination of aesthetics and function. The single or multifamily renovation can also be looked as an investment, since resale value nearly doubles.


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Building out is one of the ways to add square footage to the property to expand kitchen, living room or add another bedroom. 



Another way to add on to the property is to build up. Second-story addition is the best choice for the properties with limited yard space.



Major addition means adding more than 500 sqft and removing more than 50% of the existing structure. It is a cost-efficient alternative to a brand new construction, as this allows to reduce construction and permit fees. 


Approximately 800 sqft was added to the rear of the single-family dwelling. The house went from two bedrooms and one bathroom to three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The living space and kitchen were also expanded. The rear addition allowed to keep the building layout and effectively utilize backyard space that is usually unexploited.
Approximately 1200 sqft was added to the front and side of the house in Sherman Oaks, CA. This dwelling went from two bedrooms and one bathroom to four bedrooms and four bathrooms with a spacious kitchen and living room. Outdoor sitting area created by open trellis is another detail that made this transformation remarkable. The value of the property nearly doubled.
Approximately 1000 sqft was added to a side and back yard of the house in Toluca Woods, CA. This dwelling went from two bedrooms and two bathrooms to three bedrooms with walk-in closets and four bathrooms. The exterior makeover maximized curb appeal and gave the house a whole new look. The value of the property nearly doubled.
The front addition of about 1100 sqft added two more bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets to the house in North Hollywood, CA. Front addition allowed to improve the facade of the single-family. The value of the property doubled.
Approximately 150 square feet were added to the front of the house in Toluca Lake, CA to emphasize the entrance and reform the overall look. The addition did not only transform the entrance look but also expanded the living area.
Discover the transformation of a North Hollywood home, where an impressive 1500 sqft addition has redefined living space. Originally a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house, this property now boasts four spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets and three luxurious bathrooms. The renovation significantly enhanced the home's curb appeal, presenting a stunning exterior makeover. Experience Southern California lifestyle at its best with a brand-new pool and trellis, perfect for blending modern design with ultimate relaxation. As a result of these upgrades, the property's value has doubled, making it a standout choice in the North Hollywood real estate market.
Discover the transformation of a home in Toluca Lake, CA, where we added a strategic 500 sqft extension to the rear of the property. Initially equipped with two bedrooms and one bathroom, the house now features three bedrooms and four bathrooms, enhancing both comfort and privacy. A newly installed trellis revitalizes the backyard, enhancing this addition with an elegant outdoor living space. The open floor plan promotes a seamless flow of natural light and a better connection between indoor and outdoor areas. This renovation not only improves the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the home but also significantly boosts its market value, showcasing our firm’s ability to deliver top-notch architectural and structural solutions.
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